You want new charts?
Oh... You want new charts!

TZ MAPS cartography on NavNet TZtouchXL presents the most advanced and capable electronics charts in the world. A single, affordable purchase made directly from the MFD unlocks incredible charts with coverage areas that exceed other premium chart offerings. 

You have to see it to believe it, but don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.


TZ MAPS delivers the best bottom data available, displayed dynamically and intuitively in color with contour lines configurable down to 3" resolution, so you can focus precisely and accurately.

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Terrain Shading

Easily control the intensity of relief shading in 2D or 3D, adjusting chart contrast according to slope to improve your perception of underwater terrain.

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With an Internet connection, you can purchase charts quickly and easily directly from your MFD! Purchasing charts from the MFD also unlocks them on the TZ iBoat app for free!

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AI Routing with TZ MAPS creates instant point-to-point routes, intelligently planning a safe and efficient path through channels, marina entrances, inlets, and more using your set boat draft, chart data, and other safety parameters.

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Simple Updates

Easily update your charts, and set your favorites to update automatically, keeping them current with the freshest data. Updates are free for one year, and you can continue to receive updates with a small annual subscription.

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Community Maps

TZ Maps allows you to add and edit custom objects to your charts. Modifications you make to charted objects can be submitted for other users to vote on. If the feedback is positive, the update is validated and made available to the entire community. You can even take photos of objects such as lighthouses, buoys, and reefs, and add useful comments (ex: “dangerous rock at low tide”).

The updates you receive come from tens of thousands of active TimeZero community participants. Community-sourced chart information resides on its own chart layer, which can be easily displayed or hidden whenever you choose.

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Effortless Control

Navigate with all the power and simplicity you demand. With edge-swipe features and single-tap menu options, you’re never more than a tap or swipe away from what you want to see or do, because NavNet TZouchXL provides the easiest and most powerful MFD on the planet.

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Choose your MFD!

You've got 5 sizes of TZtouchXL MFD to choose from:

10" TZT10X with Hybrid Control
13" TZT13X with Hybrid Control
16" TZT16X Multi Touch LCD
22" TZT22X Multi Touch LCD
24" TZT24X Multi Touch LCD



Download the NavNet TZtouchXL Brochure

Download the brochure to get all of the details and specifications for NavNet TZtouchXL.



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