Your Ultimate Fishing
Dream Machine

We've raised the bar for sportfishing enthusiasts once again with an MFD series designed to cater to the needs of avid anglers. The NavNet TZtouchXL series includes all the features fishermen desire, including exclusive, never-before-seen features in recreational navigation devices. 

The TZT10X, TZT13X, and TZT16X feature a built-in 1kW TruEcho CHIRP or CW Fish Finder as well as built-in 230kHz or 455kHz CHIRP Side-Scan to show fish and fish-hoarding structure in great detail port to starboard, providing crucial insights for successful fishing trips. The TZT22X and TZT24X have full control across the NavNet network, and you can tailor the system with a wide array of high-powered Fish Finders for deep dropping.

Go Deeper

The powerful internal 1kW dual channel TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder* built into the TZT10X/13X/16X is designed to operate across a wide range of frequencies, and is more than enough to meet the needs of most fishermen. But for those who want to go even deeper, the 2kW/3kW DFF3-UHD TruEcho CHIRP™ Network Fish Finder delivers the power to penetrate the deepest waters and find your catch. Plus, with the BT-5 Booster Box, you can boost that output power up to 5 or 10kW to take advantage of high-power transducer options that will unveil the deepest waters like you’ve never experienced before.


Built-In CHIRP Side-Scan

Furuno’s CHIRP Side-Scan for NavNet TZtouchXL scans both port and starboard, illuminating the shape of bottom structure in high definition. CHIRP Side-Scan reveals the shape of fish targets and fish-hoarding structure to each side of your vessel. CHIRP from 230kHz or 445kHz center frequencies with thru-hull, paired, or transom mount transducer options.

CHIRP Side-Scan is built into the TZT10X/13X/16X, and can be accessed by any TZtouchXL MFD on the network.


Bottom Discrimination

Bottom Discrimination indicates if the seafloor is made up of sand, mud, gravel, or rocks - valuable information that helps you locate rich fishing hot spots and boost your catch of the day.

* Bottom Discrimination feature works only with specific transducers. Check to ensure your transducer is compatible.



ACCU-FISH™ is a proprietary fish size assessment function that assesses the size of individual fish size. Echo returns are evaluated based on strength and turned into fish size display on the screen. ACCU-FISH™ can detect fish size from about 4 inches (10 cm) to 6.5 feet (199 cm), in depths of about 6 feet (2 m) to over 325 feet (100 m).

In some instances, fish size indicated on the Fish Finder may differ from actual size. Please read the operator's manual carefully before using this feature.



Tapping a location on the chart, such as a pinnacle, wreck, charted artificial reef, or even a hot fishing spot on the Fish Finder or DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar screen, lets you make a temporary "fishing go-to point." The Fish-It point creates dynamic range rings, a course line between the point and the boat, and a temporary track line to the spot.

Once a Fish-It point has been selected, the Drift-It feature can set the perfect drift. Drift-It will save you time and fuel by eliminating the guesswork in determining vessel drift in challenging wind and current conditions.


Deep Water
Multibeam Sonar


Normal down-sounding Fish Finders have a beam angle of 40˚ or less. But with the DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar, you'll see a 120-degree swath, offering seafloor coverage up to 3X water depth. Plus, with the power of the DFF-3D, you can see fish directly below the boat 300m (nearly 1,000ft). When you match this with the DFF3-UHD TruEcho CHIRPTM Fish Finder, you’ll have the ultimate fishing machine!

The DFF-3D's versatile operating modes give you a better understanding of fish targets than any normal Fish Finder can deliver. The 3D sounder history provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand 3D image of the seafloor, along with fish school icons - useful when selecting a fishing hot spot or assessing the seabed condition. Triple-Beam mode tells you not only the depth but also the direction (port/down/starboard) of fish targets. Cross Section display the real-time sea column echo in a 120˚ swath, and Side-Scan displays the shape and structure of targets both port and starboard. 




Quickly create your own PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) Shaded Relief Maps using TZtouchXL and the DFF-3D. Bottom images are drawn with shaded relief, depth contours, and variable colors, making it easy to identify hidden structure and ridges that hold fish in a simple, easy-to-interpret presentation. Multiple color palettes are available, including the ability to show contour lines only.





Leverage your recorded PBG data by creating a constant depth route from the PBG map, allowing you to select Follow-It from the menu and send it to your NAVpilot Autopilot. By following specific depth contours, you can keep your baits at the same level as the fish while trolling without constantly adjusting the reels. Having your bait at the correct depth is critical to catching fish in areas where tide and currents flow along structure where gamefish concentrate.

With NavNet TZtouchXL, there are external Fish Finder options to meet the needs of any vessel. When multiple Fish Finders are available, you can select which one to use from the settings menu


The BBDS1 features Furuno's bottom discrimination function as well as FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) capability. By analyzing echo characteristics, the BBDS1 determines if the bottom structure is composed of mud, sand, gravel, or rock.


The DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP™ network sounder delivers significant advancements in signal clarity and target definition by transmitting pulses across a wide range of frequencies, allowing Furuno’s superior digital signal processing (DSP) to display fish and structure targets with unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and resolution.


The High-Powered DFF3-UHD delivers the ability to see fish and bottom structure deeper and clearer than ever before. Furuno’s superior digital signal processing interprets the echoes from fish and underwater structures with unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and resolution at unprecedented depths - we're talking depths down to 15,000 feet! 


See fish and bottom structure as you’ve never seen them before, at depths previously unfathomable. The DFF3D turns your NavNet TZtouchXL MFD into a Multibeam Sonar that can see 120-degrees port to starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction fish schools are moving while displaying the seabed condition in real-time.