Total Control
Made Simple


Multi Touch MFDs

The 16” TZT16X, 22” TZT22X, and 24” TZT24X feature super-wide all-glass displays with exceptional clarity and brightness. The all-glass design allows these powerful MFDs to be mounted side-by-side for a seamless and stylish all-glass appearance to enhance both the functionality and sophistication of the helm.

Hybrid Touch MFDs

The hybrid control 10” TZT10X and 13” TZT13X incorporate all of NavNet TZtouchXL's multi touch capabilities with Furuno’s RotoKey control knob and dedicated buttons, making navigation intuitive and easy under any sea conditions.


Intuitive User Interface

You asked for the simplest interface possible, and we were listening. We’ve delivered the most intuitive User Interface available, bar-none. If you swipe your phone, you can operate TZtouchXL.

With edge swipe features and single-tap menu options, you’re never more than a tap or swipe away from what you want to see or do, because NavNet TZouchXL provides the easiest and most powerful MFD on the planet.

(Some features may require additional sensors)


Remote Control

Designed for captains who have multiple TZtouchXL all-glass MFDs on their helm, a single MCU006 or MCU006H can control all of the displays. It features a large RotoKeyTM, which can be used to zoom in/out, increase/decrease gain, and scroll through menu options. With the same 10 dedicated buttons as seen on the TZT10X/13X, including a dedicated MOB key, you can fully control all of your MFDs remotely.

Available in both vertical (MCU006) and horizontal (MCU006H) configurations to accommodate any helm - it can even be installed in the arm of the captain’s chair. A single unit can control all of the displays in the network.