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You'll find them in every harbor around the world. Everyday people who refuse to be constrained by how far they can see. The ones who go all in, because of their love for being on the water. They’ve inspired us to build a Chart Plotter that is not inhibited by standard features. Rather, we’ve created a Chart Plotter with speed & performance that allows you to pursue what thrills you... on any course you choose.

MapMedia Vector & Raster Chart Library

Freely choose the charts that fit your individual needs. MapMedia brings an extensive library to your NavNet TZtouch3 and makes it easy to select raster, vector or fishing charts. C-MAP as well as “Datacore by Navionics” vector cartography are optional charts that can be easily unlocked. MapMedia cartography integrates cutting edge algorithms with high-resolution image processing techniques to deliver a fusion of digital navigation charts and satellite photography.





Satellite photography is included in most MapMedia charts and accessed using PhotoFusion™. Land areas (zero depth) are completely opaque, displayed as satellite photos on the chart. As the depth increases, the satellite image is merged with the chart data to provide you with added detail on seabed areas in shallow water without losing vital chart information.




A depth color scale can be applied to both 2D and 3D vector and raster charts. Transparency levels can be adjusted, so that chart data is visible beneath the color shading. This feature allows you to view water depths at-a-glance with vibrant colors. No more searching for depth numbers, when you can easily set depths to your specified colors


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customized to your specific needs.

The beauty of NavNet TZtouch3 is its scalability - systems can be as big or small as you need. Add, change or remove AIS, VHF, Compass, Weather and other sensors as needed to dial in your dashboard, whether fishing, cruising or sailing.


MODEL: SCX-20 Satellite Compass™

The SCX-20 enhances the performance of onboard NavNet TZtouch3 sensors such as Radar, Fish Finders, Sonar, and Autopilot. The unprecedented quad antenna design of the SCX-20 makes it capable of calculating extremely accurate heading, pitch, roll, and heave information.



The FA-40/70 AIS receives the vessel name, call, sign, position, COG, SOG, and other useful information from surrounding vessels. The FA-70 is a class-B+ AIS that transmits to your vessel information at higher power and faster rates than typical class B units for added awareness. SOTDMA guarantees an AIS time slot allocation, making you visible in congested waters.



MODEL: FM-4800/4850 VHF/DSC/GPS/AIS/hailer

The FM-4800/4850 is a marine VHF Radiotelephone with built-in Class D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver, and Simplified Loud Hailer with intercom. Its built-in AIS Receiver can be used to overlay AIS targets on your NavNet TZtouch3, and the GPS receiver can be used for a backup.



The weather tool is completely free & easy to use, giving you unlimited access to Navcenter worldwide weather forecasts, 24 hours a day. Select the coverage you want, the type of data you need, and for what time period, then simply download the data.

Also available on NavNet TZtouch3 is the BBWX4 SiriusXM Satellite Weather Receiver. Get up-to-date weather info/forecasting, and play your favorite SiriusXM Satellite Radio channels. (US & Canada only)