Learn all about the features and addons for Navnet TZtouch3 in this quick introductory video.

Go on a


with the most powerful
MFD series available

Hybrid controls and a compact size make this 9” Multi Function Display intuitive and easy to use under any sea conditions. Rest your hand on the RotoKey™ as you crash through the waves and navigate to your charted destination. The TZT9F features a powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response time and a built-in Single Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder.


Hybrid Control provides a Rotokey™ cursor pad and dedicated buttons to enhance the Multi Touch IPS display. the TZT12F features a powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response and a built-in Dual Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder.


The 16” TZT16F Multi Function Display features sleek, edge-to-edge glass that delivers ultra-clear images from any angle. This MFD will make your helm functional while adding a touch of style. Features a powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response and a built-in Dual Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder.


Experience navigation like never before with this stunning and powerful 19” Multi Function Display. Imagine a conning station that makes it look like you’re the captain of a sci-fi spaceship! Features a powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response time and a built-in Dual Channel 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ & CW Fish Finder.


With the ability to drive multiple monitors with full HD HDMI video output in any combination of monitor aspect ratios (4:3 and 4:3, 16:9 and 4:3, or 16:9 and 16:9), a refined graphical user interface, and a built-in RezBoost Fish Finder, the black box TZT2BB is a beauty to behold and use. Whether you're searching for hot fishing grounds, plotting your next route, or using your Radar to navigate through fog, the TZT2BB delivers smooth operation with familiar touch gestures.

  • Edge Swipe features and single-tap menu options mean you’re never more than a tap or swipe away from what you want to see or do

  • NavNet Command Center allows control of up to five 3rd party devices using a built-in HTML browser

  • Powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response

  • Built-in Dual Channel 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Dual Channel (TZT12F/16F/19F) or Single Channel (TZT9F) & CW Fish Finder

  • Built-in Side Scan out to 750' to see fish and structure without scaring the fish

  • Pin Code Lock - require a password to access your NavNet TZtouch3 on startup

  • Synchronize your data to your free MyTimeZero account - never lose your waypoints or routes again!


The NavNet


has grown bigger.

Power-Packed Radar

Are you ready to go on a Radar power trip? Nowhere else will you find Radar as powerful or with the amazing target detection of Furuno’s NXT (Solid-State) and X-Class (Magnetron) Radars.

We juiced the power of our NXT Solid-State Doppler Radars to give you outstanding long-distance performance that matches their amazing close-range ability. 

Amazing Fish Finders

TZtouch3 incorporates a powerful internal 1kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Fish Finder. For many, this is the perfect Fish Finder, but some may need even more power. The high-powered DFF3 and TruEcho CHIRP DFF3-UHD deliver all the Fish-Finder power you'll ever need! The Deep Impact DI-FFAMP boosts the power of the internal TZtouch3 Fish Finder to 2/3 kW, ensuring your echoes come back strong & clear at every depth range, and displaying fish targets and bottom structure with amazing clarity.
* DI-FFAMP connectable to TZT12F/16F/19F only



Explore the underwater world in 3D Port-Starboard!

The DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar operates at 165 kHz, giving you fantastic depth penetration while still displaying echoes in high resolution. Multiple screen presentations include 3D Sounder History, Triple-Beam (port/down/starboard), Cross Section, and Side Scan. Compared to a 40˚ ultra-wide transducer, you will see 3x the area around your boat, helping you to find fish you might have otherwise missed. Plus, you can see which side of the boat they are on!

The incredible PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) allows you to create custom high-resolution shaded relief charts of the seafloor, with enough storage space on your TZtouch3 MFD to record a lifetime of custom charts. Bottom images are drawn with shaded relief, depth contours, and variable colors, making it easy to identify hidden structure and ridges that hold fish.

Quad-antenna design for extreme accuracy

Utilizing four separate GNSS Antennas, the SCX-20 sets a new standard for reliable and accurate heading for your Radar, Fish Finder, Sonar, and Autopilot. The unprecedented quad-antenna design of the SCX-20 makes it capable of calculating extremely accurate heading, pitch, roll, and heave information. It is the perfect heading solution for complex installations where the view of satellites may sometimes be obstructed.

Critical Collision Avoidance

Acquisition and tracking of traffic around your vessel is absolutely necessary for safe and efficient navigation. FURUNO’s FA-40 AIS Receiver and FA-70 class-B AIS transponder receive navigation data from AIS-equipped vessels nearby to aid in safe navigation. The FA-70 also transmits own ship’s information to those vessels to aid in collision avoidance.

Download the NavNet TZtouch3 Brochure

Download the brochure to get all of the details and specifications for NavNet TZtouch3.



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