You want safety?
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Furuno's award-winning Radar gives you unmatched clarity & target separation. Whether you're cruising for the day and wanting to get your family home safe, looking for signs of birds to get on the fish, or on the water working and need to monitor traffic around your vessel, we have you covered like no one else. But don't take our word for it — see for yourself.


The new AI Avoidance Route™ feature takes all the information provided by the Radar and instantly provides a safe route around hazards.

AI Avoidance Routes disappear from the display once you're clear of the hazard. 

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Risk Visualizer™ is a unique function of Furuno Radars that provides a visual representation of potential collision risks of objects 360° around you. Dynamic icons are created for targets with the highest probability of collision, ensuring you have the information you need to maintain safe distances.

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Target Analyzer™ changes change color of Radar targets approaching you. Green targets are targets that stay stationary or are moving away from you, while red targets are moving towards your vessel. Echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach or turn away from you, increasing safety by improving your situational awareness.

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Fast Target Tracking

Tap on a target, and a speed and course vector is displayed in seconds, giving you accurate and fast tracking information. With Doppler technology, any vessel approaching yours will automatically display a target vector.

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Choose your Radar!

More power means better detection of all the targets around you, so get ready to go on a Radar power trip! Nowhere else will you find Radar as powerful with the amazing target detection of Furuno’s award-winning NXT and X-Class Radars. Outstanding long-distance performance and amazing close-range capability are at your fingertips.

Furuno Radars are available in 19" or 24" Radomes or Open Arrays with 3.5', 4', or 6' antennas. NXT Doppler Radars span option 25-watt, 100-watt, and 200-watt output power configurations, while traditional X-Class Magnetron Radars boast in 4kW, 6kW, 12kW, and 25kW options 



Choose your MFD!

You've got 5 sizes of TZtouchXL MFD to choose from:

10" TZT10X with Hybrid Control
13" TZT13X with Hybrid Control
16" TZT16X Multi Touch LCD
22" TZT22X Multi Touch LCD
24" TZT24X Multi Touch LCD



Download the NavNet TZtouchXL Brochure

Download the brochure to get all of the details and specifications for NavNet TZtouchXL.



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